Knights joins Scottish University Fees Debate

Knights Solicitors advise that the Scottish Government's decision to make English students attending Scottish universities pay while Scottish and EU students go free is illegal. 

Matthew Knight, Senior Partner told the press that "While the Scottish Government might have survived a challenge under the European Convention on Human Rights - Article 14, the Equality Act 2010 clearly outlaws this policy".

The current policy is to allow Scottish and EU students apart from the rest of the UK to get university educatio nfor free while forcing students from south of the border as well as from Wales and Northern Ireleand to pay fees of up to 9000 per year.

The claim is that it is right to deny equal treatment to English students due to England, Wales and Northern Ireland not being classed as 'states' since EU law only forbids discrimination by one EU state against another.  But the Scottish Government clearly has failed to realise that the Equality Act 2010 applies to the policy.

The Equality Act 2010 part 6 - chapter 2 covers 'Further and Higher Education' and in section (1) it clearly states that "The responsible body of an institution must not discriminate against a person as to the terms on which it offers to admit the person as a student". 

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