Learn About Our Affiliates

National Gamekeepers’ Organisation

The National Gamekeepers’ Organisation represents the gamekeepers of England and Wales in order to defend and promote gamekeeping. Supporting gamekeepers, the NGO ensures high standards are met throughout the profession. Knight Solicitors
offers all NGO members up to 30 minutes of free telephone-only advice via our legal helpline. Please call 01892 537311 or visit the NGO Website.

Game Farmers' Association

Most game farmers in Britain are members of the GFA. This association represents their interests while encouraging everyone who rears game to follow high standards. The association was founded more than 80 years ago and has in excess of 200 members. Recently, the GFA’s most important work has been to secure near-identical yet practical game rearing codes for England, Scotland, and Wales. These codes ensure that game farming is officially recognised by the government and carried out according to high welfare standards backed by the force of law. Knights Solicitors offer all GFA members up to 30 minutes of free telephone-only advice via our legal helpline. Please call 01892 537311 or visit the GFA Website

Tenant Farmers’ Association

The Tenant Farmers’ Association was formed in 1981 by a group of farmers who felt that their interests were not being forcefully represented by existing bodies. The TFA is the only organisation dedicated to the agricultural tenanted sector, and is the authentic voice speaking on behalf of tenant farmers. The TFA lobbies at all levels of government, and gives professional advice to its members. In addition, it seeks to support and enhance the landlord-tenant system. The TFA represents and advises members on all aspects of agricultural tenancy and ancillary matters, while aiming to improve the professional and technical knowledge of its members. Increasing the flow of new tenancies onto the market, the TFA helps the farming industry apply existing agricultural tenancy legislation as best as possible.

How the TFA Works

Members of the TFA are situated across the entire spectrum of the farming industry. Their farms range from the smallest county council holdings to units of several thousand acres. The needs of this wide membership are met by a structure of nine regions across England and Wales, each with its own regional chairman. Together with a readily accessible head office team, this structure ensures a rapid and effective interchange of ideas and activity. The TFA currently works with 70 chartered surveyors, accountants, and solicitors, each hand-picked by the regional committees according to their expertise in tenanted matters. They help in solving members’ problems while contributing to the national strategy. This nationwide involvement with select land agents, briefed on the latest rent trends from the TFA database, is unique to the TFA.

Sharing Our Expertise

Beyond working closely with these national organisations, we also extend a number of training seminars. These lively, interesting courses cover an extensive range of topics.

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