If you are suffering domestic abuse by way of violence, threats or harassment, as well as contacting the police (the first step if there is immediate danger) you may seek additional help by applying to the court for an injunction, not just for your own protection but also that of your children. 

Where the abusive behaviour is caused by someone that you are having or have had a relationship with or who is a family member, an application can be made for a non-molestation order to stop violence, threats or harassment. The order may state that the person against whom the application is made (the respondent) must not use or threaten violence, communicate with you or enter or come within a specified distance of your home. It would also be forbidden for the respondent to instruct or encourage another person to do so (other than his or her solicitor, in the case of communications).

In certain circumstances an occupation order could be sought to regulate who may live in the family home or enter the area around it, thus offering additional protection. 

Action will usually need to be taken quickly and an application and Witness Statement prepared and lodged with the Court as a matter of urgency. We can meet with you at short notice, prepare the necessary documents and arrange for you to be represented in Court so that you can get the essential protection that the law can offer.