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At Knights Solicitors, we work tirelessly to ensure our clients have a thorough understanding about the areas of work that affect them. For your edification, we have catalogued a variety of pertinent publications below. Some of our publications relate to our affiliate organisations. To discover more about the work of these associates, visit our Links page.

Property Transaction Law

Home Equity Release Schemes – Graham Dorman, Property Drum – September 2011

Property Prenups – Avoiding the Pitfalls of Joint Ownership – Graham Dorman, Property Drum – April 2011

How to Sell Your House In Today’s Market – Graham Dorman – May 2011

Public Rights of Way and Public Access Law

Private Rights of Way Losing Your Way? – Peter Burfoot, Agricultural Law Association Bulletin – Summer 2012

Public Rights of Way: a Farmer’s Guide Through the Legal Undergrowth – Matthew Knight, Farmers Weekly

Possession Law

Mismanaging the Nomadic Way of Life Can Create Poor Relations - Matthew Knight, The Times of Tunbridge Wells - 13 July 2016

Common Law Eviction - Peter Burfoot, Agricultural Law Association Bulletin - Spring 2016

Dealing with Travellers on Your Land – Farmer’s Guardian Article by Matthew Knight and Graham Rose – August 2014

Off My Land! – Horse & Hounds, 9 June 2011 – Knights Solicitors are credited within this article as GRC bailiffs and experts in trespassing livestock evictions. 

Planning Law

Planning for Gypsies and Travellers in 2016 - Matthew Knight , Farm Law - June/July 2016

Planning Policy for Gypsy and Traveller Sites: A New Dawn? – Matthew Knight, ALA Bulletin – Winter 2015/16 

Seasonal Workers Living in Temporary Accommodation – Matthew Knight, ALA Bulletin – Spring 2011; also Farm Law – May 2011 

Planning Policy & Travellers – Matthew Knight, ALA Bulletin – Summer 2010; also Farm LawJuly/August 2010 

Criminal and Regulatory

Keeping Your Powder Dry - Matthew Knight, Keeping the Balance - Autumn 2016

Never a Borrower or a Lender be - Matthew Knight, Keeping the Balance - Summer 2016

The Musket in the Thatch – Matthew Knight and Joshua Quinn, Keeping the Balance – Spring 2016

Deer in Road Collisions – Keeping the Balance – Winter 2015

Catching Up – Autumn 2015

Call for Action After Fly-Tipping Increase – 2015

Legal Feature: Modern Surveillance – Keeping the Balance – Summer 2015

New Drug Driving Offenses – Spring 2015

The Removal of Fly Grazing Horses – October 2014

Defending Pollution Prosecutions – April 2014

Independent Review of the Prosecution Powers of the RSPCA – Keeping the Balance, Winter 2014

Don’t Drink and Drive… or Shoot – Summer 2014

Bring Out Your Dead – Spring 2014

Bullseye – Winter 2013

Winter Thoughts on Animal Welfare – Winter 2013

An Inspector Calls – Autumn 2013

Good Housekeeping – Summer 2013

A Cautionary Tale – Spring 2013

Gamekeepers and the Animal Welfare Act – Winter 2012/13

Snaring and Trapping: A Balance of Obligations – Autumn 2012

Good Neighbours – Summer 2012

Personnel Trailers – Spring 2012

Shoots and Modified Vehicles – Winter 2011/12

Negotiating the Law – Matthew Knight, 24 Hour Helpline – 2012

Compulsory Purchase Law

Compulsory Purchase – HS2 – Where Do We Go from Here? ALA Bulletin – Winter 2014/15

CPO Compensation - The Changing Costs Horizon – ALA Bulletin – Autumn 2013

Employment Law

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act – Employment Update – March 2014

CCTV and Data Protection – Employment UpdateEmployment Update – December 2013

RIDDOR – Employment Update – October 2013

Holiday Entitlement – Employment Update – September 2013

Time Are A-Changing – Employment Update – July 2013

Family Law

Early Decisions Vital With The Legal Aspects of Relationships - July 2016

How the law can help anyone who is suffering from domestic abuse - June 2016

Finance Key to Divorce Resolution - April 2016

Capital Gains Tax Liabilities are Factor in Partners' Settlements - March 2016

Law Firm Launches New Family Service – Vicky Gallier and Colette Chapman, Sussex Courier – February 2016

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