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Training & seminars

The solicitor training courses and legal training seminars we offer are second to none. Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Knights Solicitors frequently deliver training, seminars, and lively panel debates on topics relevant to our areas of practice.

Expert Private Seminars

The in-house training we offer is provided to clients, professionals, and commercial organisations including farms, estates and sporting businesses. Meanwhile, the external training we carry out is performed on the behalf of public organisations and legal training providers such as the Agricultural Law Association and LexisNexis™.

All-Encompassing Talks

The topics covered in our in-house seminars are varied and comprehensive. Private seminar subjects have included:

  • Planning and Enforcement
  • Public Rights of Way and Public Access
  • Possession Including Gypsies and Travellers – Animal Welfare Legislation
  • Firearms Licensing and Practice
  • Legal Compliance for Shoots
  • Gamekeepers’ Briefings
  • Wildlife Crime
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Private Nuisance
  • Hardship Claims
  • Farms, Estates and Sporting etc.

Exciting External Training

Drawing upon our extensive knowledge, we tailor our training sessions and support materials to address the needs and interests of each trainee. The partners at Knights Solicitors are also used to collaborating with other professionals to provide training, including chartered surveyors.


Knights Solicitors’ partners are regularly asked to speak at external events such as seminars and annual conferences. These are typically hosted by other professional organisations. Past events include:

  • EU Criminal Lawyers’ Association at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies – November 2015 – Richard Atkins (Speaker)
  • RICS South East Rural Conference – Gypsies, Travellers, and Their Horses: Common Problems and How to Deal with Them – March 2012 – Peter Burfoot
  • Agricultural Law Association – Autumn Conference: Gypsies, Fly Grazers, and Planning Policy – November 2010 – Matthew Knight (Speaker)
  • CLA Planning and Enforcement Seminar – Managing Enforcement Proceedings Brought by a Planning Authority – October 2010 – Matthew Knight (Speaker)
  • Country Land and Business Association – Seminar on Planning and Enforcement – March 2009 – Matthew Knight (Speaker)
  • Comité Européen de Droit Rural (CEDR) – 25th Congress – September 1999 – Matthew Knight (Rapporteur)
  • RICS South East Rural Conference – Gypsies, Travellers, and Their Horses: Common Problems and How to Deal With Them – March 2012 – Peter Burfoot
  • NFU – Frant Branch – Rights of Way Claims and What to Look Out For – November 2013 – Peter Burfoot (Speaker)
  • Complete Land Management – Property Law Seminar – Definitive Map Modification Orders – May 2013 – Peter Burfoot (Speaker)
  • GSC Grays Gamekeepers’ briefings – April 2015 and April 2016 - Matthew Knight (Speaker)
  • Greens Chartered Surveyors Gamekeepers' briefing - March 2017 Matthew Knight (Speaker)

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